Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Shadow War Armageddon "Coff Necromunda Coff"

hello all so looking for stuff i can do thats scotia releated i saw the new necromunda under a fresh name "but no we haven't re-released it is a whole new game with very very similar mechanics" --- "but its not necro" --- "promise" ------ "no seriously its not necromunda" ----- "no honest"  etc etc

either way i have always loved the viod suppressors (i will soon be adding a ronin to my group)

i realized i could make up a arbites squad for necro from them and some chopping

so here goes

models used are all VOID VASA suppressors (pretty arbite-like already)
the sargeants are Urban war the alt sculpts from URBAN war
and bits com from the VOID junkers and from KRYOMEK cyclos

the sargeant/officer variants and the animal handler are all suppressor sargeants from the URBAN war game rather than VIOD with snipped of drilled and pinned Viod heads

Basic arbites with riot shields which uses the 11429 suppressors with the plastic shields from the plastic Viridians also available from the Void range  

Simplest conversions of the lot 3 of the 11430 supressors with gauss rifles with the tip snipped off and drilled (note i snagged a 4th model as one of this pack got made into the flamer later but it occoured to me that the spare sniper from the 11432 sniper pack could have worked instead but hey ho!) 

These are a second pack of 11430 with the guns snipped off and replaced with random shotguns from the junkers range such as this one ) 

 a spare model from 11430 agian with a kryomek grenade launcher from here

Second specialists the flamer is from 11430 with a sculpted flamer tank 
the plasma gun and the heavy autogun are converted from 11431 suppressor grenade launcher and the rotary autogun comes from the kryomek range agian here 

cyberhound and handler the hound is from some sort of ebay auction and im unsure is its even supposed to be 28mm the handler is the 13715 Urban war supressor female sgt with a spare head snipped from the 11329/30 packs 

Officer/sergeant weaopon fit options are the various Urban war Supressor sgts (and the konrad barislov charcacter model) 
the shotgun is agian a junkers shotgun from VOID and the laspistol and plasma pistol are from the ACR71 VASA vehicle crew

To summarize im pretty happy with them all over there are a few spots of URGH such as the chiangunner where im not happy but i shall see how we go 

TA Elton  

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