Friday, 23 December 2016

Hello and welcome!

Hello all either oldschool Grognards like me who remember this stuff "From back in the day" or new players who are just realiseing how cool this stuff is

This is the cool S%*~" you can do with scotia Blog where i take some of the items we sell and show you how with a little bit of work how easy it is to do  cool S%*~" with it
and i will try to do at least one posting (and thing) a month and see how we go

Please note this first post is a bit rushed but all subsequent posts will be with full progress and "how to" pics but this first couple of posts will be virtually all "virtually finished"

First up we have items from one of my favourite sets the F0027 goblin stronghold

and the F0035 goblin Encampment

useing the classic scatter terrian principle of useing a old CD --- the white texture is ready made pollyfilla (tetrion)

So here we have F0027 goblin hut with spare metal parts from my bits box the wall was made from chopped bits of sprue used as a base to green stuff a wall onto

This is a another F0027 hut with a Tent from F0035 and some bits agian from my bits box -- Old GW chests a GFR shield

simplest of the 3 in fact i added the rock to use up some of the space 

TA For now Elton